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The fourth-largest American city, Houston with more than 2 million populations, belongs to Texas, the second largest American State. Population in the city comprises of people from various ethnic groups and other international communities. The growing and flourishing port and railroad transportation, coupled with the discovery of oil in 1901 abruptly hiked the city's population. Gradually, the city became rated as a global city possessing the world's biggest concentration of healthcare and research institutions and an all-embracing industrial base in energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, and transportation. Being rich with cultural institutions, the city attracts millions of visitors every year. Now, may be, this is your turn to touch and feel the culture of the city. Stick to the right airlines for cheap plane fares.

Hurricane Tour to the Past

Having been granted incorporation in 1837, the city of Houston prospered by leaps and bounds. But during the World War II, the wheels of economic development got impeded with suspension of shipping activities. On the contrary, the war paid long-term benefits as the demand for petroleum and synthetic rubber products increased giving impetus to Petrochemical refineries and manufacturing plants. In 2005, being hit by the threat of Hurricane Rita that approached Gulf Coast, the city of Houston experienced the largest evacuation of more that two and a half million residents. Interested to witness the quick improvements brought in the Hurricane-hit city? View for Cheap flights to Houston.

Geography and Climate

Major part of the city is located in and around the gulf coastal plain area comprising of forested land, marshes and prairie. Flatness of the local land aggregated with continuous network of urban communities, has made flooding a repeating problem for the city. Houston has four major water-bodies including Buffalo Bayou, Houston Ship Channel, White Oak Bayou and Braes Bayou passing through the city in different directions. Flying in or out of Houston is not a headache. Ask Fare Buzz for selecting your flights to Houston.

Humid subtropical climate prevails in Houston. Occasionally thunderstorms coupled up with tornados invade Houston in spring time. It brings heat from the deserts of Mexico. In summer, humidity causes temperature to rise from the actual level which, in turn, causes excessive rainfall inviting flood. January is the coldest month with rare snowfall. Having industries, Houston is ranked as one of the most ozone-polluted cities in the United States. Cheap plain fares are likely to an incentive for having a top view of the beautiful city from the sky.

Art and Music

The cultural backdrop of Houston constitutes the major performing arts organizations and performance halls offering stages for folk artists and art groups. The city fosters many museums and cultural institutions. Among them, Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston are worth mentioning. The city, however, is not renowned for its contribution to music. Don't miss to see the live performances of the folk artists. It's easy to get cheap ticket air line.

Food and Entertainments

Downtown Houston is the location of the Bayou Place, an entertainment complex containing full-service restaurants, billiards, bars, live music, and art house films. Want to laugh for a while? Check in the Houston Verizon Wireless Theater to watch live concerts, stage plays, and stand-up comedy. Take off to the comedy to feel enlightened. Select Flights to Houston

There are plenty of good hotels with all sorts of modern amenities in Houston. You get comforts and well reception. You can find a crowd of restaurants spread around the city. Out of many cuisines they prepare for dinner, the Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Steakhouse and Seafood cuisines are on demand. You can also find some restaurants serving art with food as the each plate they use to serve you food carries intricate art made by local culinary artists. To feed your mind and stomach, rush to get cheap flights to Houston. Cheap plane fares are in favour of your tour to Houston.

Road and Air Transport

Transportation in Houston gives you a composite system involving an improved rail transit plan and Metro Bus Services. Houston Freeways provides ample driving facilities for private cabs which are mostly seen on these ways. Rental car services are also available. Traffic jam is a common sight.

Houston International Airport (IAH) located a slight more than 20 km in the north towards the downtown Houston is the airport for many international and domestic flights. Hobby Airport, much closer to the town is the supportive airport for domestic flights. You may ask Fare Buzz to assist you in getting cheap tickets to Houston and other facilities that you would be looking for.

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Get in Touch With Houston - The Space City

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Get in Touch With Houston - The Space City

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